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The Rite of Spring

The Rite Of Spring has been a mainstay of Portland acoustic music for more than 30 years. Their wide variety of instrumentation and powerful vocal harmonies, along with a genuine enjoyment for their craft, has consistently attracted audiences of all ages.

Terry Prohaska and Lynn Attwood, who grew up in rural Northeastern Oregon, have performed together for over 40 years. Their passion for the commercial folk music of the 1950's and 1960's led to a recording of 'folk hits' in 1966. The entire album was completed in five hours! They became involved in the bluegrass revival of the late '60's when Lynn, by default, began playing the acoustic bass and later, the mountain dulcimer.

Lynn, in addition to her superb and versatile vocal talent, can be counted upon to provide accompaniment on guitar, banjo, bodhran and flute when needed. The wide variety of instruments she studied while obtaining her music degree gives her a breadth of musical knowledge and flexibility invaluable to the trio.

Along the way Terry developed his skills as a multi-instrumentalist on a variety of folk and renaissance instruments including guitar, banjo, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, recorder, hurdy gurdy, krummhorn and cornetto.

Michael Attwood, who hails from the London suburbs, began playing British rock and roll during the sixties while in his teens, but he's always had one or two 'hollow' guitars in his lineup too. He has performed with Lynn and Terry since the late 1970's and is fluent in both acoustic and electric guitar styles. Michael's natural affinity for fretted instruments, which includes mandolin and mandola, is evident in his tasteful and inventive solo arrangements and accompaniments.

He took an interest in recording techniques soon after taking up the guitar at the age of 12, receiving an invaluable introduction to then-avant-garde multi-track work from family friend Richard Witty. In 1979, while providing some session bass guitar work, he met recording studio owner Ron Olisar and together they engineered the Crystal Creek album. (Incidentally, Ron is an accomplished musician in his own right, and does some superb viola backup on Crystal Creek.) All that was analog tape work, of course, so Michael had to master some new techniques when, by himself, he took on the digital recording of 'Strangers to Comrades' in his own home studio.

A wide-ranging repertoire:
The group's repertoire typically includes traditional folk songs, contemporary music from favorite songwriters, instrumentals and original compositions. Their selection of material is a conglomerate of wide ranging influences and a sensitivity toward their broad based audience appeal.

The Rite Of Spring's album credits include Seaward Robin (1978), Crystal Creek (1982), Reunion (1992) and Strangers To Comrades (2000). They have performed at such diverse venues as festivals, clubs, public schools, college campuses, The Kiel Opera House in St. Louis and The Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. In 1995 and 1996 they were featured performers at the Sister's Folk Festival in Central Oregon.

Chris Leslie of Britain's premier folk-rock band 'Fairport Convention' said of Strangers To Comrades: "loved your CD....excellent vocals....very well recorded."

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